Interested in your business participating?

Every year we reach out to local businesses in Thurston County to participate in our annual discount card. We believe it’s an exciting fundraising opportunity that promotes and drives customers to local establishments, while supporting our continued services in the community.

  • The MpowerCard discount card
  • Contains discounts from approximately a dozen local businesses.
  • Requires no charge for participation.
  • Will be effective for 1 year starting and ending June 30st each year.
  • Is a wallet size plastic card with a clearly printed expiration date.
  • Provides no cost advertising for your business.
  • Over 95% of the proceeds go directly to services in our community.
  • Has been promoting local businesses for 3 years now.

Mpowerment Washington is a community organization, with the mission to promote lasting health and strengthen communities through education, outreach and community wellness amongst those communities most affected by HIV/AIDS. We’re based in Thurston County and have been serving this and outlying communities for years.

We here at Mpowerment Washington, invite you to help participate in supporting our work in creating a healthier and stronger GSM (Gender and Sexual Minority) community. We are now more reliant than ever on the support of the local community for our continued service to the community.

Above you’ll see a link to a request form for our discount program. Remember that there is no charge for this advertising. We only ask that you honor the discount you choose for the 12-month period. Thank you for your consideration4.